-August 24, 2016-

As Momentum Grows, Fracking Releases VP Short List

Search committee led by Horizontal Drilling; criteria include complementing Fracking’s work, reinforcing innovation, improving lives

With the campaign gaining steam and the “Powering the People” virtual bus tour in full swing, Fracking has released her short list of potential vice presidential candidates. She also announced that close advisor Horizontal Drilling – who has partnered with Fracking to unleash an energy revolution in the United States – is leading the search committee.

The list of potential running mates includes:

– American Manufacturing: Thanks to low-cost shale gas, manufacturers have announced more than $160 billion in new U.S. capital investment

– Renewables: Research shows that natural gas and renewables such as wind and solar are “highly complementary”

– 3-D Imaging: A reflection of amazing technological innovation, just like Fracking herself

– Natural Gas: Efficient and reliable, Natural Gas helped drop CO2 emissions to a 25 year low in 2015

– American Workers: The backbone of our economy, helping make America the most dominant economic power in the world

“The shale energy boom has not been the work of one individual, but rather the result of all of us working together,” said Fracking. “I want to make sure we continue to create jobs, enhance our energy security, and improve the environment. To do so, we need to continue supporting economic growth and technological innovation. I look forward to selecting a running mate who will bring the same passion to achieving those goals as I have.”

Vetting for Fracking’s running mate is being carefully managed by Horizontal Drilling, who has worked with Fracking for decades. Together, Fracking and Horizontal Drilling have helped the United States become the world’s largest combined producer of oil and natural gas.

“Fracking has done amazing things in the United States, from creating jobs and reducing our reliance on energy imports to slashing carbon dioxide emissions,” said Horizontal Drilling. “I’m proud to have helped her with these achievements, and I’m committed to helping her select a running mate who matches her reputation as a creative and innovative force for the American economy.”

The campaign is currently vetting the candidates on the short list and has, for the first time ever, released an online poll to have the American public help choose a vice presidential candidate.

The campaign plans to announce its selection in the coming days.

For more information about the candidate and her platform, visit www.frackingforpresident.com and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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