President John F. Kennedy once said, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” Fracking has always been a strong supporter of local school districts all across the country.

Oil and natural gas production, enabled by Fracking, generates tax revenue and royalties that flow to school districts and state coffers. These funds pay for textbooks, facility upgrades, and new technologies that give millions of students access to a better education.

In Texas, Fracking supports the state’s Permanent School Fund, which supports the state’s K-12 schools, and now totals over $34.5 billion. Her efforts have helped contribute over $1 billion to local school districts in the form of property taxes. In sum, oil and natural gas production contributes over $4 billion per year to the Texas education system, and Fracking is proud of her role in making that revenue available to students from all backgrounds.

In North Dakota, Fracking helped generate $157 million in tax revenue for the Common Schools Trust Fund in 2014. In Ohio, Fracking worked hard to reduce energy costs, ultimately saving school districts $60 million in 2013.