-September 15, 2016-

Fracking Selects American Manufacturing as Vice Presidential Running Mate

Together, Fracking and American Manufacturing have created millions of jobs, generated billions in economic growth, and increased U.S. competitiveness

Today, Fracking announced that she has chosen American Manufacturing to serve as her vice presidential running mate.  The selection was revealed on social media via meme – a first in U.S. presidential campaign history.

“I’m thrilled to have American Manufacturing join me on the ticket for this historic campaign,” said Fracking. “Together, we have already achieved great things for our country, and we look forward to telling our story more in the weeks to come.”

Fracking and low-cost natural gas have benefitted U.S. chemical manufacturers in particular. Earlier this year, the total value of publicly announced chemical industry investments in the United States reached $164 billion. Additionally, pipelines and other infrastructure build-outs have created millions of new jobs, and the largest new U.S. refinery in 40 years is moving forward in North Dakota, home of the Bakken Shale.

“I’m honored to be selected as Fracking’s running mate,” said American Manufacturing.  “The shale energy revolution, made possible by Fracking, has energized America’s industrial base.  Working side by side, we’ve been able to make the country more competitive with billions of dollars in new U.S. capital investments and millions of jobs. I look forward to building on this record with a forward-looking agenda that enhances our competitive edge.”

Fracking and American Manufacturing have a proven-record of “Powering the People”:

– Expanded access to shale gas and pipelines created 1.9 million manufacturing jobs in 2015 alone.

– The construction of new natural gas transmission lines meant more than 347,000 jobs in 2015, with almost 60,000 of those in manufacturing.

– U.S. shale gas has created a competitive edge. U.S. manufacturers enjoy natural gas prices around $3 to $4 per thousand cubic feet, while European companies pay $8 to $10. Prices in Asia have fluctuated between $11 and $20 per thousand cubic feet.

– The American Chemistry Council estimates that, by 2023, more than 738,000 jobs will be created from higher chemical industry output thanks to shale gas.

– With natural gas making up 70-90 percent of ammonia cost, the shale gas revolution has helped the U.S. become the fourth largest producer of ammonia worldwide, producing 10 million tons annually.

– The steel industry projects that growth in demand and production stemming from shale gas development will lead to around 1 million jobs nationwide by 2025.

American Manufacturing will immediately join Fracking on the campaign trail and appear on the “Powering the People” virtual bus tour that’s in full swing.

For more information about the candidate and her platform, visit www.frackingforpresident.com and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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