-October 19, 2016-

Fracking Touts Record of Job Creation in the Permian Basin

West Texas oilfield contributes more than $60 billion to Texas GDP per year, supports over 440,000 jobs
Methane emissions in the Permian have fallen since 2011, even as oil production has nearly doubled

Midland, Tex. – Presidential candidate Fracking traveled to the Permian Basin this week to tout her record of supporting the local economy while also protecting the environment.

“West Texas is an oil and natural gas producing powerhouse, and Midland has long been considered the capital of this region that is so critical to our energy security,” said Fracking. “I’m proud of the work we have done together over the past half century to help make Texas and the entire United States a global energy superpower.”

Over the past five years, Midland-Odessa was the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, driven in large part by economic development tied to oil and natural gas development. The Texas portion of the Permian basin supports over 440,000 jobs, and contributes more than $60.2 billion to the Gross State Product of Texas every year.

“The Permian Basin has certainly been impacted by the recent market downturn, albeit less than many other regions,” added Fracking, stressing the importance of continued energy development for the Texas economy. “Nonetheless, it’s good to see active drilling rigs out here, and more importantly, it’s great to see more energy workers returning to the job sites. Other areas haven’t been quite as fortunate, and we still have much more work to do together.”

Since 2011, oil production in the Permian Basin has nearly doubled, while natural gas production is up almost 50 percent, leading analysts to observe that the Permian has been one of the more resilient oil fields amid low commodity prices.

Impressively, this increase in production has corresponded with a decline in greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2011, methane emissions in the Permian have fallen by 600,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent, according to the latest data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which is moving forward with costly new methane regulations for the oil and natural gas industry.

“The last thing that workers in the Permian basin need is more regulation from the EPA, especially since methane emissions are already declining,” Fracking said. “My plan is for more jobs and more energy security, not more power in Washington.”


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