In 2008, America fell into the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Times were tough, and jobs were scarce. But through the turmoil, Fracking was there to help hard-working Americans get back to work.

From 2007 to 2012, employment nationwide dropped 2.7 percent. But over that same period, Fracking spurred a 31 percent growth in jobs. In Pennsylvania alone, she helped increase oil and natural gas employment by more than 259 percent.

In Ohio, jobs directly related to shale development increased 96 percent from 2011 to the second quarter of 2015. Fracking also helped create more than 13,000 jobs in industries supporting shale development over the same period. North Dakota still has more job opportunities than it has people to fill those jobs.

She also has an amazing record of bringing manufacturing back to the United States. According to the American Chemistry Council, manufacturers have announced at least $145 billion in new investments in the U.S. economy, thanks to low cost shale gas that Fracking unlocked. If not for her tireless work, these investments would have been made in Europe or the Middle East.

Instead of offshoring, more than one million manufacturing jobs are projected to be created right here at home over the next decade.