From Henry Ford’s factories to the steel and concrete that make up America’s railroads and highways, American Manufacturing helped build the country we love today. He has long served as the industrial base of the United States – the backbone of the most dynamic and diverse economy the world has ever known. He currently employs more than 12 million Americans and contributes more than $2 trillion every year to the U.S. economy.

Today, with help from Fracking, American Manufacturing is once again at the forefront of job growth. In 2015, American Manufacturing created 1.9 million jobs related to shale gas development, including new pipelines and other infrastructure. Additionally, thanks to abundant natural gas, more than 260 chemical manufacturing projects are planned for the United States, totaling an estimated $164 billion in capital investment. The steel industry expects demand growth from these projects, along with increased shale development, will help create about 1 million jobs nationwide by 2025.

Indeed, American Manufacturing has turned low-cost natural gas into a competitive advantage for the United States, where manufacturers are projected to save more than $22 billion per year by 2030 thanks to lower feedstock and electricity costs. U.S. refiners have also taken advantage of abundant supplies of domestically produced oil and natural gas by ramping up exports of diesel and other refined products. The U.S. petroleum trade deficit recently shrank to a 17-year low, and the United States is now the world’s largest fuel exporter.

Together, Fracking and American Manufacturing represent the strongest economic team in history. No other candidate can match their experience in job creation or investment in the U.S. economy – a record that the campaign will be touting from coast to coast.