-October 6, 2016-

Independent candidate Fracking now supported by millions in race for president

Hillary Clinton leads all candidates, outpacing Donald Trump by 4.5 points

A new national survey released today shows that a majority of voters want to see independent presidential candidate Fracking in Sunday night’s debate and that her under-the-radar campaign is now supported by millions of Americans.

55 percent say Fracking and other third-party contenders deserve to be included in the remaining debates. Access to the debate stage has been tightly controlled by a nonprofit that has come under fire by many experts and news organizations.

Despite exclusion from the first debate and little coverage of her candidacy, Fracking is now supported by 9.1 percent in the national trial ballot. Hillary Clinton leads all candidates with 42.6 percent, with Donald Trump in second at 38.1 percent.

The national online poll of 914 registered voters was fielded September 29-30 using Google Consumer Surveys.

“The poll results show that our positive campaign of jobs, energy security, and lower consumer prices is resonating with Americans,” said Fracking. “This is the most important election of our lifetimes, and a majority of voters want – and the public deserves to have – more than two chairs at the remaining debates.”

Other findings include:

  • 83 percent are dissatisfied with the presidential candidates nominated by the two major parties.
  • 81 percent believe Washington DC is out of touch with the rest of the nation.
  • Three times as many voters believe the country is on the wrong track as voters who say it is headed in the right direction


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